March 21, 2018

Cutest cafes in NYC

I’m definitely a sucker for cute restaurants, I mean food just tastes better when it looks good right?  Whenever I travel, I’m always looking for inspiration and new places to check out- even if it’s just for the decor. Trendy interiors are quintessential to a pretty Instagram feed, and I’ve rounded up a list of some of my top picks in NYC.



Named best chocolate chip cookie by ny magazine and listed as Oprah’s  most “favorite things” in 2017, Maman is definitely the go to spot for sweet eats. The tabletop decor will make you feel like you are dining in a chic cafe in the South of France right here in the heart of NYC.

Where – Soho / Greenpoint / Tribeca

Old rose.jpg


Light and airy, Old Rose is at the bottom of the Jane Hotel. This cute gem is perfect for a girls brunch that specializes in healthy-ish Italian.

Where – 113 Jane St,  NY NY 10014



Pink restaurants are definitely the “it” thing and Pietro Nolita is a big hit thanks to its bubble gum exterior. As if that’s not cool enough, the entire interior is pink as well. So..much.. yes.

Where – 174 Elizabeth St,  NY NY 10012

sel rrose.jpg


Rustic-chic oyster bar with Parisian art studio feels. The restaurant’s pink double doors at the front entrance have been bookmarked by many tourists passing by.  Best known for their oysters, crab dip and burgers, this is a place worth checking out. Did I mention it has pink doors?

Where – 1 Delancey St, NY NY 10002

butchers daughter.jpg


Plant-based restaurant, juice bar and “vegetable-slaughterhouse.” Best known for it’s vegan eats and cozy atmosphere. I’ll be right here if you need me.

Where – 19 Kenmare St,  NY NY 10012



Edi & the Wolf is the East Village spinoff from Michelin Starred Chefs Eduard “Edi”  Frauneder and Wolfgang.” This traditional Austrian wine tavern has great spirits and plenty of beer. The outdoor garden area is ideal for groups and brunches.




Tea party for 2 please. I had my 25th birthday here and I loved every second of it. Great brunch, great music, and cute AF mismatched table setting.


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