Tips on Keeping an Organized and Healthy Fridge

I got tired of opening up my fridge doors, sighing, and closing them only to go order something next door. I mean don’t get me wrong, I always had food in there, but I always felt disappointed and uninterested in eating whatever was on the shelves. I needed a serious fridge-tox.

If you’ve been following me lately, you know that I’ve been super committed to sticking with my health goals, and eating out constantly is not conducive with clean eating. I needed a healthier relationship with my fridge, so I decided to get organized.

I loaded up on color coded containers and fresh fruits/veggies from the farmers market and put a system in place.

I keep an organized work space to stay productive and my fridge should be no different!

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My idea was to ditch the plastic that my fruits and produce came in, and rather prep them in grab-n-go containers.

I’m very excited to open up my fridge now. It’s organized, pretty and has a purpose. There will be less waste each week since my meals are planned out and I can stay focused on eating clean.

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STEP 1 – Throw it out

Clean out everything, grab some spray and give it a nice wipe down. It’s no longer acceptable to keep expired bottles of ranch in your fridge. To keep a healthy and happy fridge, it’s best to deep clean it once a month (pain in the ass but worth it)

Ask yourself, do you really need it? If not, toss it! The goal is to de-clutter and to keep healthy options.

Step 2 – Plan your week

Plan out your meals/snacks for the week and stick with it. I knew I wanted a healthy fridge so I went to the market and got lots of colorful fruits and veggies. My essentials are:

Step 3 – Don’t over-haul.

I’m guilty of this until now. Instead of buying 8 yogurts at a time I buy 4.  Plan for the week to reduce waste and overcrowding.


Prep your food and put them in color coded containers for easy access. I find it’s easier to grab a healthy snack when it’s visually appealing, so take your fruits out of the plastic bins they come in put them in nice containers.

Step 5 – Stick with water

I no longer keep sweet drinks in my fridge, so I made 2 pitchers of fruit infused water. It’s delicious, refreshing and EASY!

Step 6 – Keep lots of greens

Put in your salad / smoothie / or sautee. Keep lots of greens in your fridge always! I’ve been eating Swiss Chard frequently and I love it. It’s so delicious and healthy, I’ll post the recipe another day.

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