November 9, 2017

Benefits of Essential Oils

I’ve always been relatively conscience of my health but lately I decided to take it up a notch and really start to understand what it means to be healthy.  A wellness lifestyle is not just the absence of disease, but how you feel mentally, physically and emotionally. I wanted to learn more about our bodies and the ability to heal ourselves naturally so I started reading about the benefits of essential oils. I had no idea how many uses they have- I mean, anything from healing chronic fatigue and lack of confidence to curing cellulite and boosting low metabolisms.

I picked up the book The Essential Life after a friend recommended it to me and I’ll definitely be keeping it within reach. It is the ultimate remedy guide for anything and everything. She told me that not all oils are created equal and encouraged me to invest in doTERRA. Their oils are sourced all over the world where these locations have the soil and growing conditions to produce the highest potency therapeutic plants. (I’m currently using Nature’s Answer which was picked up at my local health store)

Those that believe in allopathic treatment, which is synthetic medicine, are skeptical of alternative methods that don’t fit into the playbook of modern healthcare systems. I’ve been noticing a huge uptick in ailments and prescription dependence, even amongst younger people and it’s SCARY shit.

The more I got into juicing and raw living foods, it clicked. Sure, stress and bad sleep can weaken the immune system but we are fully capable of managing it with our choices.

I wanted to challenge this by practicing a wellness lifestyle and blending essential oils into my day to day routine. After using for several weeks I’m SOLD.  I almost can’t imagine life before using them, it’s odd I know, but seriously I wish I started sooner. Needless to say, everyone is getting oils for Christmas.

I’ll list some of my favorite oils at the moment + their superpower benefits:


Fun Fact: Nearly all ancient religions have used frakincese in their spiritual practices including ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Christians, Jews, Muslims, and Buddhists.




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